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Prayer for Rwanda

Click here: Prayer for Rwanda Video Clip 


• Pray for the Church to lead in national repentance, reconciliation, and healing.

 • Pray for the provision and hope for widows, orphans, and other continued victims of the genocide.

 • Pray for committed believers to stand firm in the face of cultural and tribal pressures.



It has almost been 15 years since the Rwandan genocide and the nation still suffers from political strife. Without a significant adult population, 5 million people living in Rwanda are under the age of 18. Many are orphaned, hungry, homeless, and victims of disease and exploitation. The people of Rwanda are hopeful and vibrant, and now, more than ever turning their hearts over to God.


Continent: Africa

Capital City: Kigali

Government: Republic; Presidential; Multiparty System

Population: 10,473,282

Major People Groups: 84% Hutu, 18% Tutsi, 1% Twa

Religion: 80% Christian, 10% Muslim, 4% Non

Language: Kinyardwandi/French

GDP Per Capita: $1,600

Literacy Rate: 70.4%


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