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The Program of Prayer – Tony Evans

We have seen that successful prayer requires an understanding of the person of God. But we must also align ourselves with His program. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God’s “kingdom” cannot be found on any map. The Kingdom of God exists wherever His divine rule is acknowledged. 
Our lesson in prayer suggests that we must begin by surrendering ourselves to that rule. When we do so, we actually become part of the territory that makes up the Kingdom of God. In that kingdom, God’ will is done, just as it is in heaven.

To understand this phrase, we must take a trip to heaven and see just how God’s will is done. 

First, the angels do it without question. There is no debate, no discussion. The last citizens of heaven who followed a different agenda don’t live there anymore. In heaven, the angels respond to God’s commands readily, eagerly, fervently, and constantly.

If we are going to follow Jesus’ instruction to pray “like this,” we need to count the cost. If we’re not willing to offer angel like obedience to the Lord, we might as well get up off our knees. We’re not praying the way Jesus taught us to pray.


Lord, thank you for making me a part of the terri- tory that is the Kingdom of God. Your grace in my life is evident. I ask that Your will be done in my life. You are all-knowing and have my best interest at heart. Help me to be obedient to You in every area of my life so that I may fully surrender to Your will. Give me opportunities to demonstrate my obedience to You. Help me to respond readily, eagerly, fervently, and constantly. I know that the cost for following Your instructions may be high but, I am willing and ready to obey You even though I know it will be difficult at times. 


Excerpt from “Prayers that pass the ceiling” by Tony Evans

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