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The Person of Prayer – Tony Evans

After Jesus shocked his audience with these examples of what prayer is not, he offered an example of the real thing, packed with the profound theological truth. He starts out, “Our Father in heaven…” Right off the bat, He has answered the question, “Who can pray?”

The Lord’s Prayer is intended for believers; because only through Christ do we become sons and daughters who can legitimately call God, “Father.” This may come as cruel news to baseball and football teams and anyone else who treats the Lord’s Prayer like a good luck charm.

Still, the fact remains that prayer is a part of a familial relationship that exists between God and His children. It is within this context that we call God “Abba father” or “daddy.”

At the same time, we must remember that we serve an awesome, all-powerful heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe. Familiarity must never give way to disrespect.

We maintain this balanced perspective by giving God the honor and praise He deserves. “Hollowed be your name.” “Hallowed” means to sanctify or to set apart; to deem as special. What is it about God’s name that is so special? Well, in biblical time, names reflected character. So, if you can understand His person. If you take the time to understand who God is, you’ll know why He is waiting with open arms to meet you at your point of need.

Let’s examine some of the names of God found in the Old Testament and explore the lessons they teach us about Him. We have heard God called Elohim, the Creator God. He is Adonai, the Lord. We know him as Jehovah; the God who keeps is covenant. Here are some others:

• El Elyon: “The Most High God.” El Elyon describes the God who sits in heaven, looks down and says, “Everything is in My hand.” All circumstances are under His control. When you call on El Elyon, it is way of saying that no matter what’s going on, everything is under His control.

• El Olam: “The Everlasting, Unchanging God.” No matter how unpredictable your circumstances, no matter how unstable your life may seem, you serve a God who is consistent and steadfast over all time.

• El Shaddai: “God Almighty, full of grace.” When I need what I don’t deserve, El Shaddai is there to make up the difference.

• El Roi: “The God who sees.” When I’m hurting, I need El Roi, for God is so intimately connected with my circumstances that He hurts with me.

• Jehovah Raah: “The Lord, my Shepherd.” When I don’t know which direction to take in life, I get down on my knees and call on Jehova Raah. I know that my Shepherd will aim His sheep in the perfect direction.

• Jehovah Sabbaoth: “The Lord of Hosts.” When I find myself in a while load of trouble and nobody seems willing to come to my aid, I remember Jehovah Sabbaoth. If necessary, He wills the angels of heaven to get me where I need to go. 

• Jehovah Jireh: “The Lord will provide.” • Jehovah Shalom: “The Lord, my peace.”
• Jehovah Shammah: “The Lord who is always near.”

 Lest you think we’ve slipped into the pit of pantheism, make no mistake—there is only one God. These names only describe parts of our multidimensional Father in heaven. Hallowed be His name.


Lord, Thank You for reminding me that I serve an all powerful heavenly God. Forgive me of my sins and give me the tools I need to walk with You daily. Help me to remember that you can and will provide all of my needs. Your many names equipp me with the knowledge I need to follow after You. I know now that You are full of grace, feel my hurt, come to my aid, provide, give me peace, and are alwaysnear. Help me to remember these truths when the road gets hard.


Excerpt from “Prayers that pass the ceiling” by Tony Evans

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