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This simple blog is devoted to the greatest privilege that man has ever been given; PRAYER.

Radius Prayer

Radius Prayer  Recently there has been an extraordinary amount of diverse attacks on the young adults of the church I attend, (illnesses, depression, hidden sins, spiritual attacks etc…). It’s no wonder that in my time of prayer I often get overwhelmed when it comes to all the dark things (wars, racism, abuse, hate, shootings etc…) that are happening in this world and around my radius.  

Let’s face it; we should never say we have nothing to pray about. As a result, I find myself thinking of new ways to organize my prayer thoughts into  ordered ways.  

I would like to share a technique of prayer that might help you to pray in an ordered, graphical, and organized way, this is especially helpful if you find yourself distracted with your thoughts all over the place.

Besides being led by the spirit on what to pray (which is of most importance!), I have found it to be helpful to pray in a technique that I call “Radius Prayer”. Radius Prayer is when I take a piece of paper and draw a large circle, and within that large circle I draw smaller circles that are smaller and smaller until I have a drawing that looks like a target / dart board.

I start by putting the word “HIM” inside the smallest circle that (which should be the circle in the center). Again, on that center circle, I put HIM; that is Christ of course! Around that circle I put words, events that remind me of this special time to praise him, thank him, this where I open bare my heart to HIM.

The second circle is what I call my personal radius, where I put words that pertain to personal prayer request, etc. that are closest to my personal life.  

Next, I write words on the next circle that pertains to my next category which is my family radius (maybe family & friends). Write names of family and people that you are praying for (illnesses, salvation etc..)

You get the picture…

By the way, this is a very easy way to start teaching young children how to pray in an organized way.

Remember; pray hardest when it is hardest to pray!

Sharing my heart, have a blessed weekend!


One comment on “Radius Prayer

  1. flutteringblessings
    July 27, 2015

    Lovely, productive and simple. Thank you. I’m going to try it. Have you ever made one for each day of the week so that you can have some things that you don’t want to forget?
    Country, election, calendar plans ? just thinking. I’m in a list mode. Change is good, work it. lol


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