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This simple blog is devoted to the greatest privilege that man has ever been given; PRAYER.

The Enemy’s Tactics

As we see by Satan’s names, his military might is camouflaged in blame, deceit and darkness. Satan’s greatest strategy has been to convince the world that he does not exist By perpetuating this lie, he is able to sneak up behind God’s creation and whisper accusations that cause men and women to blame each other and their circumstances instead of himself This has been an especially effective tactic against those who have joined the ranks of God’s army. His little bombs of gossip and blame have so infiltrated the ranks of God’s troops that Christian soldiers often fight each other instead of penetrating the enemy’s camp to save the millions of hostages who are bound by his yoke of oppression and floundering in his hopeless den of darkness.

Satan beguiles us by convincing us that he has claim to the principalities (Christ referred to him as the prince of this world-see John 12:31; 14:30; Eph. 2:2). His rule is limited to:

1. this time, not the hereafter;

2. the world, not heaven;

3. the people in darkness, not the children of light

He disarms and disables us by perpetuating spiritual sins that promote his kingdom and threaten to kill, rob and destroy our destinies. He deceptively lurks around masked as an angel of light, causing the Christian army to be off guard and fall prey to indifference, passivity and prayerlessness. When God’s warriors awaken for momentary bouts of urgency, he convinces them to fight for trivial things, rather than for heaven itself.

How does he do this? He attacks your mind. When Satan can’t get you to fall asleep at your battle station, he uses your mind to accuse you and judge you; then he keeps you in that position by guarding over you.

He raises doubt through suggestions such as, “You’re not a Christian…look at what you did yesterday.” And, “You aren’t really saved; you can’t give the exact date that you accepted Jesus.” Or, “Look at you; you have a shameful past.”

He creates fear: “These times you live in are hopeless.” “What if you get cancer?”

He steals from you financially: You have car problems; the water heater breaks; your air conditioner goes out; you lose your job, etc.

Satan also uses your fear of man: “Everybody will laugh at me if I talk about Jesus.” “What will people think if..?” When you become a God pleaser
more than a man pleaser, one of your biggest battles is won. 

Excerpt from Chapter 7 (You’re in a battle) of “Becoming a Prayer Warrior” by Elizabeth Alves

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