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The Theater of Your Mind

The Theater of Your Mind

You may be wondering, If God does not speak audibly, how does He speak? He speaks through the Holy Spirit in the theater of your mind and through spiritual hearing—in the same way you use your natural mind and hearing.

You do not think in words; you think in pictures. Imagine a friend saying to you. “You should have seen Tom (your best friend) on the street corner yesterday with his little girl. They were sharing about Jesus, and his daughter sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ in such a special way.” As you were being told, you could see Tom and his little girl sharing and singing. You could picture it in the theater of your mind and hear it with your inner ear because you know them both so well.

If you had just become engaged and wanted to tell your family, you would probably rehearse the situation again and again in the theater of your mind, seeing and hearing everyone’s reaction.

Suppose someone talking to you said the word “man,” then “woman,” then “house.” In the theater of your mind, you would not see the letters m-a­n, etc. You would see an impression of a man, woman or house. Now let’s change those same words to “my father,” “my mother” and “my house.” These words bring a totally different impression to your mind. Who do you love most in the whole world? Now the picture is entirely different, think back to a memorable experience that you and your favorite person shared. You do not see words, but rather an actual experience which has been indelibly imprinted upon your mind; you can hear and see what was said and done. You do not actually hear or see, but because this person is so special to you and the experience so profound, you can relive it again and again.

It is the same with the Lord. When you begin to spend time with Him and meditate on His Word, you, too. will see and hear Him and know Him. even better than the person you love most in the world. Time set apart for the Lord naturally develops into an intimate, loving relationship between you and Jesus. You have probably heard His voice many times, and undoubtedly the Holy Spirit has given you impressions or pictures which you did not realize were from Him. Often men refer to the Holy Spirit’s impressions as a “gut feeling” and women call it “a deep inner sense or inner knowing.”

I cannot overemphasize the fact that the Holy Spirit NEVER speaks to you contrary to the Word.

Excerpt from Chapter 4 (Hearing from God) of “Becoming a Prayer Warrior” by Elizabeth Alves

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