Watch and Pray

This simple blog is devoted to the greatest privilege that man has ever been given; PRAYER.

The Purpose of Prayer


Christians are called to a lifestyle of prayer, but many have come to see prayer as nothing more than calling upon their Heavenly Butler for daily service, or crying out to their Heavenly Lifeguard when they are drowning in their daily circumstances. Certainly God has more for us than that. Jesus said that because He was going to the Father, we would do even greater works than He did (see John 14:12). When He spoke those words, He was not talking to a crowd of world-renowned Christian evangelists. No, He was speaking to every person who names Jesus as Lord and Savior. He was speaking to you and to me.

Prayer is the responsibility of every Christian. God’s Word tells us to pray. But we don’t pray just because we have to; we pray because talking to God is a privilege. Prayer is entering into relationship with God so we can determine His will in the matter and call His will into existence upon the earth.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 (Why pray?) of “Becoming a Prayer Warrior” by Elizabeth Alves

What is prayer to you?

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